Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Break!

Okay wow! I've really lacked it this last week and a half. I was in the middle of finals, watching these 4 kids of whose parents were in the Boston Marathon (they are okay and safe!), and went on a weekend trip to California! It was just so crazy, but I just have a couple more projects to submit and then I'm free!

I'll be finally bringing more video tutorials for you guys this summer!

I have a kind of funny/embarrassing story...

So I was at the grocery store and started picking out a bunch of fruit to make a fruit salad. I was looking at the watermelon and patting them to pick out the best one. I then saw this one shown below, packaged exactly how it's shown. I thought, "Oh perfect! I didn't know they sell halves!" We can never finish a whole watermelon by ourselves anyway so I was happy. I go to register to pay everything and the cashier is like, "Uh, did they cut this for you?" I just said that it was just there with all the watermelons.. She laughed and said it was a display to show the freshness of the watermelons. She obviously let me have it, but I felt so dumb! At least I paid half the price!

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