Monday, April 29, 2013

Zach's Birthday Weekend!

The whole reason we came down to visit was to attend my cute niece's baptism! It was her birthday too! She asked me to speak at her baptism, I was so honored. I love that little girl and am so proud of the decision she made!

This is my older niece who I love so much. We not only look alike, but we connect on a deep level. I feel like she's my sister!

Best part about road trips. :)

We spent Zach's actual birthday in St. George!

Sandals + Men = Awkward: I know I have some good friends who can back me              up on this one! 

Zach's trying to wear-in the new Rainbows (I approve of this brand for Zach to wear on his feet) I bought him for his birthday. This whole outfit is from the shopping we did after the beach! He's getting ready for Summer! :)

Birthday Breakfast at one of our all-time favorites: Bear Paw Cafe

Got a fake wedding ring for traveling/outdoor activities from a cute antique shop in St. George.

Zach really wanted Jimmy John's for dinner, he is the birthday boy!

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