Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY Photo Booth

We were a part of the activity committee for our "Blast From the Past" ward party! We had a lot of fun planning. I really wanted to do the decorations and thought it would be fun to set up a photo booth!

1. I needed a backdrop, a cheap one. We were on a $50 budget for all the decor.
2. Props. What's more fun than props? And a table to set the props nicely on.
3. A camera of course, I used the one I already had. You can use any kind of camera and can get the pictures developed the day after! Something fun for your friends to look forward to!

I thought of using two white tablecloths and taping them together for the backdrop. It worked perfectly! I got them from the Dollar Tree so they were way cheap and I also made sure that the measurments were going to be big enough and were rectangular, not round. I hung "the backdrop" on a corner of the gym so it would hang straight. **Make sure to tape the bottom of the backdrop to the ground so people don't step on it and create wrinkles which will show in the picture.

I borrowed fun props from a friend and also bought cheap ones I could find at Zurcher's, a party store. I made the mustache props out of black felt and hot glued them to "cake pop sticks" which are longer than regular lollipop sticks. I made different kinds of mustaches to add some variety and they were a big hit!
Photo Booths are such a fun thing for any occasion.

Fun & Simple! 

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