Monday, June 10, 2013

It's a...


My heart just melted and smiled during the ultrasound. The feeling this babe gives me is indescribable. I had been waiting so patiently (not) to find out! I was more excited than any year of Christmas, than graduating high school, starting college... I could go on. I woke up really early to get ready because I was not going to be a second late. I picked up Zach from work and straight we went to the doctor. I had to pee so bad since they need your bladder full and ask you to drink 2 cups of water an hour before without going to the bathroom ONCE. I prayed to be able to do this. The ultrasound was a dream, we couldn't stop smiling. When the technician was showing beneath his legs I saw something inbetween, I wasn't sure if I was seeing things until the nurse says, "Oh, that's a boy." We looked at each other and laughed. 

Also, we found out why else I had to pee so bad. Earlier in the ultrasound, we found his head resting in a the most narrow part of my womb pushing into my bladder. He's too cute, it just made me laugh. As long as he's comfy, I won't complain.

Thank goodness for blogs! Here I don't have to worry as much about annoying people. It's my little open diary and I look forward to showing my future children these. I made these burp cloths a while ago! About a month before I knew what the gender was because I really couldn't help myself. I needed to start making something for my babe. It's so therapeutic and it makes me even more excited. These bow tie onsies, I just started today. I found some white onsies on clearance for $4.50 at Walmart! Again, I couldn't help myself. I AM JUST SUPER EXCITED!


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