Monday, June 10, 2013

Pregnancy Diaries: Part I

It's the middle of February and I think I'm pregnant. I'm going to California tomorrow, but still have a week more to know if I'm for sure prego. Sometimes you just know even without the sypmtoms.

California was so fun, I miss my family a ton.
I just bought a pregnancy test and we just got back from CA this morning, I didn't tell Zach because I don't want to tell him I'm pregnant and then find out I'm not. So I wake up the next day around 6 am to take the test and it comes out positive! I'm so happy, I crawl into bed and tell Zach. I have a positive attitude and reassure myself that I'm not stressed. (I hear whatever you do during a pregnancy affects the baby, I just want to be the best I can while this little babe is inside of me.)

Week 2.5 - I begin to pee frequently. It's too early to be, but everyone is different. Whatever.

Week 3 - I start feeling minor chest sensitivity. I'm craving food I think more than I thought I would, hopefully a good sign? Who knows.

March 6, 2013
Okay I am just ending Week 4 and I am freakin' peeing every 5 minutes, not even exaggerating. I'm grateful too because not only do I have a baby quickly growing inside me, but I also don't have morning sickness. Phew. I absolutely cannot wait for my Doc appt. on March 28th! I hope I hear the baby's heart beat and that he/she is healthy. That is all I care about. I'm praying for the best. Hold on, I'll brb, I have to flippin' pee again..

March 7, 2013
Happy Birthday to my brother, Norman! Love him!
Today I am grateful for my family. In the Bible Dictionary under happiness, family is one of the words to define happiness. I definitely know that it is true. Zach is my family and even though I love being a Broadcast Major, my #1 desire is to raise a family with Zach.
I feel minor nausia today, but very minor. I don't feel like I'm on the urge to run to the bathroom anytime soon. I just worry because I hear about morning sickness all the time when pregnant. Maybe I'm just lucky? I'm okay with that.

...just kidding. I spoke too soon. I found myself over the toilet 15 minutes after ^^that. I was on the phone with my mom and I'm just gagging BUT nothing came out. Sometimes that's worse, but I should be grateful.

March 22, 2013
Yeah... I really should be grateful. I'm feeling queasy all the time, but won't actually throw up. Woah, I hope this doesn't gross anyone out. Yikes. I'm glad I feel noxious though because it's just reassuring that things are working inside of me.

March 25, 2013 - 8 Weeks
The flu hit me hard last night. I'm pretty sure I got it from the girls I nanny since they were pretty sick and now my immune system is weaker. I just don't remember feeling this sick since I was a little kid. Poor Zach had to deal with me crying, it even hurt to lay on the bed, but walking was worse. I refused to take any tylenol or anything because I would rather just not risk anything for the baby. This is Something to Smile About though, so I'm just grateful the baby is protected inside of me and I'll only be sick a couple days.

I fell in love right away. Okay, let's be honest, I was already in love from the start.
March 28, 2013 - A day I will never forget! (8 Weeks)
Today I heard my baby's heartbeat! I've also never seen a cuter fetus. He/She was wiggling around and it just broke my heart, I was so happy! Zach recorded the heartbeat so we were able to send that to our parents since both are out of state. Since no one really knows except our immediate family, we told our grandparents. We trust them and were just so excited, we had to tell someone. Right after the doctor's appointment we went out to Dee's and had a huge, yummy breakfast. We saw a general authority while we were there.
Ohhhhh I am just so giddy and happy. The baby's heartbeat was so steady and strong. I can't stop watching that video.


April 2, 2013 - Week 9
I've been feeling great since I'm not sick anymore. I still have nausea, but I think that part is worth it! In three weeks I'll be done with my 1st Trimester! It'll be nice to have the relief of knowing things are pretty much set and stone. That went by pretty fast! I can hardly wait for my next doctor's appointment. I just want to hear the baby's heartbeat some more and see how much he/she has grown.

April 7, 2013 - Week 10
I was on non-stop mode since we had family over the weekend. It was tons of fun and I loved seeing my family, but I got pretty tired.

Week 12
This was the big turnover for me, I saw myself change the most physically. This also was a huge relief for me, making it this far in the pregnancy. My baby is coming for sure!
Visit to the doctor's went well. This baby was moving like cray that the doctor had a hard time getting the heartbeat. At least this babe is having fun in there, but we did hear the heartbeat and all is well. I think we're having a boy after hearing the heartbeat this time. They checked me for diabetes since I'm going to the bathroom all the time, but I am safe! Phew!

^^^ These really keep me going.

April 21, 2013 - Week 13
California has been soo much fun and I have been feeling good. I eat way too much down here that I definitely look pregnant since I'm so bloated. I know I'll bounce back when I get back home. Zach's birthday is tomorrow and we're going to spend it in St. George, I'm so excited!

April 28, 2013 - End of Week 13
Worst day of pregnancy so far.. I was sick all day! We even got invited to dinner and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat, but I forced it down my throat anyway. It was actually a way good dinner, but I was so queasy and sensitive. Well within an hour after we left, it all came out at our Grandma's house. Oh well. Embarrassing. This felt like torture and I don't wish Morning Sickness on anyone.

My leggings are getting snug.
May 7, 2013 - Week 14
I am feeling so good right now! I haven't been sick since that one Sunday! Other than being sleep deprived, I'm one happy camper. I love this baby so much and I've been lucky to see him/her at each doctor's appt. This babe is so active and it already has Zach's legs :) that's a good thing! We found a new OBGYN thanks to family members and we absolutely love him!! Zach saw such a difference in this doctor compared to the last! I would recommend him to anyone. Next appt. we find out the gender, FINALLY! It is such a tease going shopping for baby showers (went to 2 last week) and not knowing what gender my baby is! I see such cute things and want to buy them before they go out! Gah!

Right now Zach thinks it's a girl and I think it's a boy. Really, we just want healthy. I can already tell this baby is so cute! We love this baby so much.

Ps. I'm already daydreaming of waking up and bringing the baby to our bed for morning snuggles and I'm excited for Christmas time. Meanwhile, I'm really enjoying being pregnant. I think about this baby all the time and play music for him/her. I know many can relate how amazing this experience is, I feel so blessed.

May 14, 2013 - Week 15 (Only?!)
My sister-in-law Kandis is getting married next month and she flew in town to have a bunch of bridal showers! Yay! Danielle and Dan (in-laws) were also over so it was fun having a full house. Saturday morning was her last bridal shower and of course I had a car wash to go to for the youth. I threw up that morning, just lovely. I've felt great ever since though! I went to most of the carwash and made it for a good amount of the bridal shower looking gross ha ha. I think I over did it, but have been getting some rest so I feel much better!

Zach and I went to the library (ha ha sounds lame I know), but I am so happy we did! I found two great pregnancy books! I already went through 2 books that belong to my mother-in-law and part of one Zach bought me. I strongly recommend this!

Yesterday was such a good day. After my little morning routine, I went and got my nails done. Hollaaaa! It feels so good. I really couldn't stand looking at my hands and now they feel SO much better. I tried shellac for the first time and I loveeee it! I've gone gel before and I know they're pretty similar but I think I love the way this lady did it. So I'm favoring shellac for now. Then I went and ran some errands and then treated myself to some Arctic Circle. It hit the spot! I've been on a healthy streak so I don't mind treating myself. Work went smoothly, and by work I mean nannying, the two girls were pretty cooperative today and it went by fast. Zach came home a little earlier than usual (which I love) and we went to dinner and movie.

Also! I wore my hair natural throughout this day. I didn't feel like straightening it and just threw it in a pony tail and guess what... Three kind people told me I was beautiful. Maybe I should not do my hair more often. It threw me off, but those strangers made me feel good about myself! Especially in my natural hair (that I avoid) and while I'm pregnant.

Happy, happy day!

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