Friday, August 30, 2013

Pregnancy Remedies

Some women only face nausea their 1st trimester, some don't. I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant and still deal with it. So for those who are struggling with nausea at the beginning of their pregnancy, the middle or the end... I hope I can help! This is Something to Smile About, so let's smile because we are making babies! 

Natural Nausea Remedies

1. Preggie Pops! These lollipops are the best, they work so well for me and all the flavors are yummy. They even have a hard candy version. Have these by your bedside. :)

2. Gin Gins - These are "Spicy sweet chewy candies." I hope "spicy" doesn't throw you off because they're surprisingly good and help the nausea go away.

3. Anti-Nausea Gum - This gum is a miracle worker! I may use it after I'm pregnant instead of Dramamine! My sweet husband discovered this and the above nausea helpers for me. :)

4. Lemon Water - This actually helped me a ton. I started out by drinking ginger ale, but I got tired of it and soda isn't healthy to drink all the time anyway. I really like my lemon water as a replacement because it's healthy and it worked for me! I don't put sugar in mine, but if you want sugar make sure to use real sugar and not Splenda or any artificial sweeteners in them.

5. Popsicles 

6. Crackers and Lemon Heads - Bland foods and lemon are common natural remedies.

7. Hard candy and Peppermint

8. Resting - Getting plenty of sleep. The days I overdo it, I usually end up paying the consequence the next day.

Ways of Relaxing
  • Yoga & Stretching: this has helped me a ton.
  • Take a Stroll
  • Go Swimming: this feels the best when you're hot and slowing down during pregnancy.
  • Watch a movie
  • Take a nap
  • Read a book
  • Sew: so therapeutic, especially if it's for the baby.
  • Take a bath (NOT too hot or above your body temperature; ask your doctor)
  • Find inspiration for your new baby, I personally like to look at baby clothes and daydream of how it will be when he/she gets here.

This image is from here.

Who wants stretch marks? Not me.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is what I've been using everyday and 7 months later I still have not gotten any stretch marks! I have also used cococut oil in the beginning of my pregnancy, but I strongly recommend this product.

Since I'm a first-timer, I KNOW that I don't have it as hard as other moms with 1+ kids already to take care of. I have school, church duties, work, exercise classes, errands, chores, etc. but something you have to accept as an expectant mother is that you got to take it easy. Especially because this baby means so much to you. You really NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

You might have to break down the tasks that you normally do on a daily basis and remind yourself that you need to relax. It's okay if you don't get every single chore done at once, I know this has been hard on me because I feel at ease when the house is clean, but I know I can't overdo it for the sake of my baby's health, my health.. and my back. Not getting all of my To-Do list done has been an adjusment, but it'll all work out and the best part is, you are not pregnant forever!

These are all things that work for me, so I hope it helps anyone else who is expecting or anyone who has a lot of stress in their life. Sometimes we need to be easier on ourselves, and I know I'm not perfect at that. So I'm helping myself by writing about it!


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