Monday, September 16, 2013

fall is in the air

Utah State Fair - that funnel cake was heaven.

Fooooootball season! This is way more exciting for my hubs. :)

Summer is coming to a close! It's definitely a bittersweet thing! I'm sure most would agree... Why is it so sweet though? Because we can wear boots, scarves, leggings and cardigans! Yes, I'm so excited! Oh and the weather cools down, there's pretty leaves and just that cozy feeling you get fall is in the air. I really love the feeling of Halloween coming closer too, I don't know how to explain it but it's a feeling I've loved and looked forward to my whole life. I'm also excited to get started on this autumn decor around my home. What's even MORE exciting this year though?! MY BABY IS DUE ON OCTOBER 3OTH! What the heck, that's 6 weeks away! I'd say life is good!

The wreath above is by far my most favorite Pinterest find! I have to give credit to The Nest of Posies for it, I fell in love with the look right away.


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