Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finding Your Inner Princess

Link to video here.

We spent two mutual nights recording this Disney themed video. I planned the script and had no idea what to do until hours before mutual. We assigned a different girl a princess and a Young Women's Value for each skit. This was mostly just for fun and entertainment, but I sure had fun putting it together and trying to get the little lessons we can learn out of each skit. These girls are so special and I know Heavenly Father loves them as His own daughters because they are! He views them with such love and a high standard. We are all to find our own inner princess because that's the divine potential Heavenly Father shows that we have. We are worth more than we realize.

It's been a while since I've made and edited a video and it sure made me realize how much I miss it! Also, it really makes me want to have Final Cut Pro in my computer because it makes a difference and didn't use it for this video... Hopefully more to come soon!



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