Monday, November 18, 2013

One Month Old - Let's Freeze Time Please!

The above pictures are all at 2 weeks old.

I cannot believe Hudson is one month old already! I wish time would just slow down, but I know the exact opposite will happen. However, we are just taking it one day at a time and enjoying every little moment. From the moment they were handing Hudson into my arms and as I spoke to him, I know he knew exactly who I was. His face expression said it all and he immediately calmed down. It was the most special moment I have ever experienced. I'm very grateful that I was able to bond with him that soon. My favorite thing to do with him is to hold him by my shoulder and snuggle with him. He is so snuggly and loves kisses. I love rubbing my cheek against his as he falls asleep. I think I might kiss him too much. Jk. But I do kiss him all the time.

Funny things we want to remember that Hudson does:
  • Grunting- his grunts wake us up at night and he does it when he's hungry sometimes. We like to grunt back, it cracks us up.
  • Squeeky Hiccups- He sounds like a squeeker toy when he hiccups. It made our pediatrican laugh pretty hard.
  • Holds his head up- Since he was 2 days old, he likes trying to hold his head up and he was pretty good at it. It caught our grandpa off guard and myself too. He has a pretty strong neck already.
  • His Bink- He loves holding onto his binky and will help put it in his mouth sometimes when you try to give it to him.
  • Milk Mustache- When I'm nursing him and he has some milk on his face, he wipes himself before I get to. It's funny because he won't be able to control his hands for a while.
  • Old Man Sneeze- Not even kidding. I jumped when he first did this. He sneezed with a loud and onboxious "ahhhhhhh! choo!" and it sounded like it came from an adult man. I laughed so hard, he's done this only like 5 times.
  • If he's laying next to us and we're not touching him, he scoots closer and closer until he's completely against us. I think it's so cute.
  • He tries to stand or at least we think so. At two weeks if we were holding him like we were going to burp him, he would stretch his legs to our lap and set his weight down. He's held himself up like that while leaning against our chest of course. 
  • When we skype with someone on my phone, he stares right at the screen and seems really attentive.
  • Zach bought him this little stuffed animal puppy as his first toy and brought it to the hospital and Hudson loves it. While I get ready, I set him on his play mat with music on and his puppy right next to him. He kicks his legs, just stares at the puppy and tries to touch it with his arm. When he knocks it over away from him, he whines a little until I prop it back up next to him and then he's happy and does it all over again. 

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