Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2 Months

  • Hudson is smiling and definitely recognizing us when he sees Zach or I.
  • When someone new is holding him and I come up to him his eyes lock on me and he smiles so big. Probably one of my most favorite things!
  • He has started smiling at strangers, a group of girls were awing and smiling at him and he flashed them the biggest smiles. It cracks me up when he's on cue like that. 
  • When Zach gets home, he coos and keeps touching his hand.
  • He loves, loves mornings. He will talk and talk and smile. We think he's going to be a talker like his mommy and daddy.
  • Slurps on his hands since he won't take a binky.
  • Latches on to my lips, Zach's nose and his grandma's chin.
  • Kicks to rhythm of music. He loves music.
  • When I was Zumba-ing, he just sat and watched me in his carseat and kicked to the rhythm of the music. 
  • When I sing, especially to Primary songs, he'll coo along.
  • He's becoming a little more independent by letting me put him down for longer periods of time. Even falling asleep on his swing. 
  • Loves his bath time.
  • A couple of times, we have put him in the big bath tub and he will kick and splash. He absolutely loves it!
  • He's been to 4 other states besides Utah this month: Texas, Georgia, California and Idaho.
  • He was awesome in all our flights, a true tender mercy!
This is the fastest time has ever went by for me. He's growing so fast and it's making me already want another newborn! But I will definitely be enjoying him right now. I love him more everyday and he makes me so happy, it's unexplainable. I feel like I have really adjusted to having a baby. It's a huge change, but I feel good and really happy. I started school the beginning of January, I feel calm and really good about it too. I'm just really grateful for everything I have. I feel my Savior's love. 

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