Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spoil Yourself

Zach was the best and got me a gift card to a full body massage! It was my first time and I was really nervous about it. It ended up not being bad at all and totally worth it! I'm pretty sure I fell asleep during it. When the lady told me that it was the end, I was like, "Nooooooo!" inside of my head of course. :) Also this week I had a MaryKay facial with a couple of my counsins-in-law and that was great too! It was a little bit of baby chaos, but I think that made it more memorable and funny. What a great week!

I think we should spoil ourselves every once in a while. It rejuvenates and refuels us! Some ideas for treating yourself could be:

  • Taking an Epsom Salt Bath
  • Getting or giving yourself a pedicure
  • Putting on makeup and dressing up for no reason even just to the grocery store! It's amazing how much better you can feel afterwards.
  • Having your husband footscrub your feet 
  • Eating a little chocolate
  • Buying a simple accessory
  • Reading in a quite place or listening to music
  • YOGA
  • Any exercise
  • Taking a nap

These are just a few simple ideas, I know the possibilities are endless though! I like to keep things like this in record for the future or maybe when I have a bother baby and can't remember anything. Thanks for checking in!


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