Thursday, February 6, 2014

3 Months

1 Month vs 3 Months

  • Hudson had his first laugh on his actual 3 month mark! His Auntie Danielle kept coming closer and closer and going "dodo dooo" with her hands reaching towards him and he just burst out in laughter! He kept doing it too and I was almost in tears.
  • He started noticing himself on the mirror and will flash a little smirk, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't realize it himself yet.
  • Laughs when I kiss his cheeks and neck. My all time fave!
  • Kicking even more and harder too! Like when I'm about to change his diaper he gets so excited and slams his feet on the changing pad. He splashes everywhere in his little bathtub, the mirror has lots of water streaks.
  • He is making more conversation with his coo's. He must've discovered his voice because he started talking to his teddy bears on his swing all of the sudden and hasn't stopped!
  • Smiles when he's eating and can't help to coo. One of my other favorites! Especially when he hold on to me when I'm nursing him.
  • Getting shy. If me or some other person smiles at him or says something to him, he'll hide his face. Cutest thing!
  • Holding his head up much longer.
  • Still scooches closer if we move away.
  • Getting a good sense of humor. We are finding lots of ways to make him laugh.
  • Loves his hands. He's always clasping on them or slurping them away.
Hudson makes me the happiest I've ever been! 


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  1. He is absolutely adorable! :)