Monday, February 3, 2014

Georgia on my mind.

Georgia welcomed us with some rain, but the warmth was oh so wonderful! Hudson did awesome in all the of airplane flights. We had to connect in Texas so it was a long day. It wasn't until he woke up from us getting off the plane when we arrived to Atlanta, that he just had it. So the water works began and he was so tired and a little hungry. So the first greeting wasn't what I expected especially because he's such a happy boy, but I hope he made up for it our rest of the time.

It was such a great week! We loved every minute of being with Zach's family and we didn't even try to think of the end of the trip while we were there. It'll be one of the most memorable Christmases we will ever have! Hudson had his baby blessing in the mission home on Christmas day and it was so perfect! We did it at the beginning of the skype call with Elder Brit Harding in Seattle. It was so nice to have all our families involved and I'll never forget it. I had been stressing with how we were going to do it because each of our familes are on opposite parts of the country.

My father-in-law allowed me to do some missionary work with my best friend who so happens to be in the Georgia Atlanta Mission where Zach's parents are presiding! Crazy! It was so fun and cool to experience a little bit of what it's like to be out there trying to get people to hear about the true Gospel. It was tough with several rejections and no answers to the door until the end when a friendly man let us in and let us talk to him. It made it all so worth it! I forgot all about the other people who didn't want to hear about the Gospel. It was also really cool to see her because she was my go-to person whenever I needed a girlfriend to talk to. She's doing great things though and I couldn't be more proud!

It was so hard to leave not knowing when we'll see Zach's family next, but we were soo grateful that we could come spend the holidays with them! In just a year and a half Hudson will have more of his direct family surrounding him and oh how wonderful that will be! We are sure grateful for technology meanwhile.


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