Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love Day

I’m so grateful for blogging because it’s like my diary where I can be annoying and super cheesy. Yesterday was such a perfect day. Zach has been so great to me for as long as we’ve known each other. Apparently I was still in high school when he thought I was cute, but I never gave it a thought since I was so much younger than him. This was our 3rd Valentine’s together and this year was my most favorite yet. We started dating around this time of year in 2012 and spent our Valentine’s date in Downtown Disney where we had dinner and watched a movie there and had the whole theater to ourselves! Last year we spent it in Huntington and had Ruby’s on the pier then Disneyland the day after.

This year we had our little cupid with us and we had fun with him. Zach came home from work with a surprise waiting for me downstairs while I had this one homework assignment that I had just finished. I came down to all of this. My favorite was the gold initial pendant I had wanted for a while with Zach and Hudson’s initials. Next was the caramel chocolate apple and chocolate covered strawberries (but mostly the apple). We had a heart pizza because we didn’t want to spend so much on dinner and then watched, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It was my first time seeing it and I loved it!


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