Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4 Must-Have Baby Products!

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  1. The Munchkin Easy Squeezy Spoon! It's a very affordable way to take baby food on the go and have a lock setting so it won't spill when you're not using it! I love this product. I save a lot of many making my own baby food and getting to re-use this spoon.
  2. These Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders are awesome for teething babies! Just throw in a few frozen fruits in and voila! For early teethers that can't have fruit yet can have frozen mama or formula milk cubes! My babe loved it!
  3. This wipe warmer also happens to be made by Munchkin and I'll explain why it's the best! Other warmers require you to buy refillables in order to keep the wipes from drying out. But this one only needs a 1/2 cup of water poured into the top and the wipes stay moist the entire time. I have never had a problem with this warmer and my baby loves me even more!
  4. Baby Aquaphor. I can not be grateful enough for this stuff. When your baby goes through that baby acne stage, this stuff will save you. Just apply a little Aquaphor where the blemishes are and they are gone faster than Proactiv. I also use it a ton while my baby started drooling from getting his teeth in. When babies drool, their little chins become red and start to rash. Aquaphor will help that immediately too.

Hope this helps you mamas out there! I know they have for me!



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