Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 months

  • Baby stats: {weight} 14lbs. 11oz. 27% {height} 26.5" 84% {head} 41.6 cm 19%
  • Baby food - he made funny faces at first, but he absolutely loves it. His favorites are peaches, mangoes, strawberries and applesauce. He also likes peas mixed with ham.
  • Started sleeping in his own crib after co-sleeping for the first 4 months. {I nursed him while I slept, it worked great for us} Now Zach and I spend more good quality time together!
  • Started sleeping through the night! He'll go to bed around 7 or 9 pm and sleeps around 8ish am! It's awesome!
  • Rolled over.
  • Sitting up {a little wobbly still}
  • Loves, loves, loves his jumper. It's like a babysitter when I really have to do some homework.
  • Oh! AND HE SAID MAMA FOR THE FIRST TIME! He kept saying "mama" all morning on 4/8/14 while eating breakfast. He said it really clear the first time and I cried a little. We got a little bit of it on video.
I didn't realize until recording it (which is why I love blogging) how much a big month this was for Hudson! He amazes me with how smart he is and how much ability our body's have. Heavenly Father created us so perfectly. He is such a sweet boy and always smiling. A close family friend told us that with how agreeable and smiley he is, it's not normal. It really made me laugh, but he makes us so grateful witht he Spirit he brings into our family. I love him with all my heart. 

Something I also realized was, with the example of Hudson, we start out perfect in this life. So pure and perfect. Then life and the trials it comes with, hit us. We then become stronger, but also imperfect. It's interesting. We then strive to become perfect in order to return to our Heavenly Father and recieve full happiness.

When I realized this, it explains why babies and the elderly appear to be so pure and kind. I also feel with Hudson, I'm reliving some of my childhood memories. It makes life more simple, really. He has been such a blessing.


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