Wednesday, April 23, 2014

6 months - happy 1/2 birthday to our baby

  • Hudson started trying to feed himself. He'll grab his spoon and put it in his mouth, but I'm always right there about to take it away from him before he harms himself. It's so funny to watch.
  • He says, "Momomomom" when he's ready for me to nurse hi. It's really cute.
  • He loooves scratching. Scratching my arms or chest while I'm feeding him or when we hold him.
  • He pats and gently slaps his hands at his legs, table when eating or us when we hold him.
  • I love when he hold my face when I nurse him.
  • He's getting stronger legs as he is able to stand longer than before without bending them.
  • Taking longer naps at a time. They have normally been 2-2.5 hrs but are stretching to 3 or 4. He loves his naps. I do too.
  • He loves every food we have given him, I'm surprised. His pictures are showing that he's starting to get some baby chub. Gosh, I sure do love those leg roles.
  • He loves being around people and is outgoing. Whether I'm at a store, restaurant or church, he gets excited and looks at everyone and smiles.
  • Gives us slobbery kisses and wraps his arms around our necks.
  • Starting to really like peek-a-boo.
  • Laughs all the time.
  • Smiles at himself in the mirror. I have a cute (blurry) pic of it.
  • I don't know his stats yet because his appointment is in a couple weeks more.
  • Still coo's and talks while he plays. Which reminds me, he's becoming more independant as time goes on. He plays with his toys on his own longer than before.
He is the light of our lives. I sometimes daydream of when he'll be walking and talking. I just think he will be such a cute little toddler, but for now he's my baby. I also have a hard time watching him grow, but it's also so fun and amazing. Ha ha. I guess that's why people keep on having babies.


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