Tuesday, May 6, 2014

30, flirty and thriving


Zach hit a big milestone in his life, HE TURNED 30! Of course I had to make it a big deal of it so I threw him a little surprise party. We had carne asada tacos and burritos, yum. And what's a party without a piñata? I wish I got even more pictures taken, but I was running around like a headless chicken. I was sweaty and tired, but it was so so worth it! He had so much fun and it was a good night with some of his best friends he grew up with. On his actual birthday we went to an Italian restaurant called Robintinos and had some birthday cake at home while opening presents. I'm so grateful for this guy. He has been the #1 biggest blessing in my life. He makes Hudson and I so happy and always is thinking of us first. Love you, Zachary!


ps. Just a couple days after his birthday, Hudson started saying, "Dada." That boy is on a role and it melts me.

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