Sunday, June 8, 2014

We on a Boat

I always bug Zach about going boating. Last year was fun but hard because I was pregnant and couldn't do anything but jump in the water. Yesterday we finally got to go and had a blast. It was the perfect morning and not very crowded for the location we went to especially on a Saturday morning. Hudson was great in the life jacket. I was a little worried he would be mad since they are uncomfortable for babies, but he did wayyyy better than his first time in a life jacket, but maybe it was because we were in a very humid place and the life jacket was new so it was stiff and tighter than the worn in one he wore yesterday. He was an angel and it was just perfect. He even took 2 little naps during the ride. We plan on going a bajillion more times than last year. I'm so pumped.


  1. Three cheers for some good ole shameless saturday blog stalking! You and your sweet little family couldn't be cuter. Hudson melts my heart and your craftiness inspires me! Keep em coming! xoxoxo

    1. Haha thank you, you're so sweet! I have lots of improvement to make, but you made my day!