Thursday, December 4, 2014

First Family Shoot!

 photo file_4272x2848_039124_zpsb879a786.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039168_zps06199047.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039196_zps5bf254b0.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039412_zps0dc55698.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039553_zps3fc3c7e8.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039607_zps3dce88ae.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039622_zpsc177ab0c.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039372_zpsfbad67ad.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039382_zpsda3bf242.jpg  photo file_4272x2848_039734_zps03c0053f.jpg  photo troygrant_zps7567985f.jpg  photo brothers_zps73f92f79.jpg

So I'm definitely a beginner, but I was so honored to do family pics for this family! They happen to be such good friends and family! My main tool was natural lighting and I hope to keep improving and learning more because I was pretty nervous!


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