Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sweet Baby James - Currently

Currently, James is loving football and sports. He especially love the balls. I bought him a small plush 49ers football and he was spinning and twirling it in his hands like a pro. We got some on vid and it is impressive and cute. Last week Zach turned the TV off after watching some football while James was on his lap and James points at the TV with his tiny pointer finger and says, "Gah!" Which is his favorite thing to say btw, but it cracked us up because we know he was really wondering why the heck he turned football off. He'll throw his neon yellow soccer ball around the kitchen and crawl to catch it and will do that again and again. He does the same outside with his footballs or soccer balls. If he throws the ball to you and you toss it back, nothing makes him happier. He'll snuggle the ball and smile when you hand it to him.

Another thing he is loving lately is toy cars or any toy with wheels. It is the cutest thing, he just looks like a little boy. He crawls and rolls the cars with one hand and the best part is the little sound effect he makes that goes along with his cars, "cuuuuhg." Our little sport makes us smile.


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