Sunday, October 16, 2016

Autumn Aloft // Park City

We went to the Autumn Aloft this year for my mom's birthday! It was a fun adventure with our little fam. We stopped at a breakfast place on the way there that my mom likes, it was yummy and cozy. Balloons are something every child loves, but we might have fed into the obsession a little too much with Hudson so we knew he was going to LOVE it. Both boys were fascinated. James kept pointing at each balloon in awe and would proclaim a, "gah!" Hudson was just jumping and was so pumped to see the, "hotter balloooons!" They just loved it and it was really a beautiful sight. Zach and I are making a goal to embrace everything here where we live because there is lots of beautiful things to see. I feel like that's how life should be in any stage of life even in the hard times (which can be really hard haha). This will be becoming one of our little family traditions.
I'm looking forward to our next adventure!


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