Monday, October 31, 2016

My first baby is 3!

Hudson is the smartest little cookie. I cant believe he is 3! We began potty training a couple weeks before his birthday and man oh man, I knew what I was doing when I wait it out this long. It's the hardest thing I've ever done! He did so good the first day and things have gone great, but there's moments where you don't want to get back on your feet. My body literally felt tender and sore from this process. It was worth it though because we will be saving quite a bit from diapers and no more changing this little big boy! I have a quote journal for him because he is the most hilarious little human. A few of my favorites are: "I wuv you Mom," "Wook at myy bum," "Shh, don't talk to me," "Don't touch me," "Mommy, get out." And at the end of his birthday we laid in my bed for a little and I asked him, "Did you have fun on your birthday?" He replied, "Birday go night-night, I hit da puata, candy fall out, I op-en pre-sints, I eat birday cake." I think he was pretty happy with how his day went and he was okay with his birthday going night-night.

He is the sweetest thing and is so outgoing. He's always smiling (except when he's not (tantrums ugh)) and loves people! He loves his friends and he is so loving which has always made him a Christlike example to me. He loves to dance to music and certain commercials with upbeat music. He even styles his dance moves according the music which is pretty fascinating to watch for me. He loves his toy trains. He has a late obessesion of all thing Halloween and wants to "wook wike a witch" for Halloween. He like the scary stuff too and says, "it not reeal!" He's the chocolate milk king, loves to swim and snuggle which is my favorite!!! Hudson is always making those around him laugh especially his mommy, daddy and baby brother.


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