Thursday, October 6, 2016

pumkin pickin'

This is one of the fun activities I really look forward to as my boys get older. This year, Hudson wanted to take all the pumpkins home because he knows that once the pumpkins come, it's time for his "birday!" I've been telling him for about a month that as soon as it gets colder and the pumpkins come, then his birthday will come! So when I mentioned the pumpkin patch he was all in! Him knowing that makes it more exciting and fun to look at all the pumpkins. He tried to pick up a few that he couldn't even move. James really enjoyed standing by the giant pumpkins and rolling the little ones. He was also happy to sit in the tractors with big brother and on his own! It's tradition to eat at Zupa's after, but of course it was packed so we went to Chick-fil-a so the boys could play in the play area right before bedtime! I love the sweet memories we captured... something real cute about babies and pumpkins haha.


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