Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oregon Coastin' #MiniHardingAdventures

K, so I have other cool captures from our phone and in my hard drive so I will have to get to those asap. We drove along the Oregon Coast with a few pit stops along the way. We visited Eugene and Corvallis which is where the Oregon Ducks and Beavers play which was a huge thing for Zach who's an ultimate sports fan. I didn't grow up watching sports on TV, only in person (Anaheim Angels or my brothers) BUT, I have grown and appreciation for it and I find it attractive that Zach like sports baha. Anyway! Those were a big stops and as we drive along the ocean, we went through Astoria, Seaside which was a stop and had swing sets that the boys enjoyed and so did we. Then we drove further and stopped in a cute town, Canon Beach, which was where cutest Harding Trading Co. shop was! It was like 3:30 and it was closed which is so funny because our stop before this shop was also closed in the middle of the day. We were on a time crunch because we needed to make it into Tillamook before it closed. It was cool to see our name on there and it just looked picture perfect with that bike, etc. We found a candy shop nearby and grabbed some candy for the boys since they had been so patient in the day-long car drive. We made it to Canon Beach and that rock is even bigger than I expected! Pictures don't do it justice, but it was pretty cool to see in person and check something else off our list.

That drive was long, but also just so pretty and worth it.


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