Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Trick or Treaty"

Sorry for my weird face haha (laugh crying emoji)

I loooove Halloween! Who doesn't? As I have become a mom though, I've become a little weary about the scary things, but I love all things pumpkin and the festivities that come with this day! I didn't know what I was going to be for Halloween until the morning of. I knew I had some sweats that could work for a Jasmine costume and I knew Aladdin would be easy to whip up (it's also Zach's fave disney movie, he saw in theaters hahaha) so I went with it. I am so glad I did! It became one of my most favorite costumes and I felt like a princess! hahaha and I made my hair just like hers, which I'm just growing back out, but pulled it off! I didn't spend a dime on my costume and I spent a few dollars on Zach's. Hudson and James were homemade and together the materials cost about $15! I even whipped up their costumes in less than 30 minutes which was the time I got home from the store and right before out Neighborhood Trunk or Treat started! I was pretty proud and satisfied with how they came out. Hudson was so excited to wear his "cape!" He also looooved trick or treating. We get a big turn out in our neighborhood which is so fun and a little new for me living in a popular neighborhood. Growing up, we'd go to the hills where it was packed. Cutest thing Hudson would say at each door, "Trick or treatyy! Ok, let's go to da next door!" Hahaha! We were crackin' up and so was everyone else.


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