Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas PJ's Kind Of Morning

Last Saturday, we spent the morning making Christmas sugar cookies in our pj's. Sometimes weekends are hectic and not as relaxing so I was happy to have a more relaxed one to enjoy with my boys. They also love jumping on my bed haha. Sometimes it'll be way past bedtime and my 3 year old thinks it's time to jump on the bed and not go night-nights. I was pretty excited when we scored on our Christmas pj's this year. Has anyone seen the Amy Schumer, Old Navy commercials?? I can't help to smile everytime they come on because they are hilarious. That's where I got pj's for my whole fam this year. My littles' pj's were less than $10 each and mine were less than $15 because there was an additonal 40% off! Score! I love saving money in general, but I think it's important to not over-spend on things like these since we mostly just sleep in them or lounge around the house. And the closer it gets to Christmas the less things cost (just a little secret)!! 

Also! I'm obsessed with my floral rolling pin! It's from the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart so it's sturdy and heavy. It was so easy to roll out my dough and I feel like it made it tons easier for me. I cant wait to make pizza with it!! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!


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