Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy Sunday Morning

This year Utah was extra nice and we had a prolonged warmer season! These pictures were obviously taken before the recent snowfall. This October we finished an all-summer-long project of redoing our whole yard! We live in a cute much older neighborhood which having a nice sized yard is one of the benefits. Our yard needed a lot of work. You couldn't step out on our yard barefoot or you would get ouchies on your feet and we couldn't let the boys out alone because there were no fences on the front and sides of our house. First we had to tear down a dangerous cinderblock wall we had and then got 30+ truckloads of dirt to cover our yard and creat a gradual hill. Zach and his dad did all the sprinkling system work. From the trenches to the never-ending piping and then covering up all the trenches to put on new grass! Sod feels like heaven now. The final step was the fences (thank goodness) which was what I was looking forward to the most so I could let the boys play out and not worry about their safety. The pictures of us are in front of our vinyl fences and more pictures of our yard are in my post of Hudson's birthday party. Zach's photog skills are improving because sometimes his photos come out better than mine! We took them before we headed to church and some days during the week are hard so church is much needed. Some days I stress and some days I cry, but looking at my boys and my blessings are definitely something to smile about.


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