Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Merry & Bright

We got our tree the day after Thanksgiving because that's how I grew up doing it and they run out quick at Home Depot for such a great deal! The smell is amazing and instantly brings a Christmasy smile to your face. I had to scoot all the ornaments up to the top of the tree because the boys like to grab them and break them haha and my ribbon doesn't stay perfect because they love to grab it as well, but I'm happy they love the tree as much as I do! I got the ribbon and ornaments from Michael's for 50% off! I got new ornaments because the ones we already had are nice but they don't match as well. I made the nativity board because it was the craft I was in charge of for my Relief Society and boy, was it a project made with lot's of work and love, but I love having it in my home. It's such a perfect way to remember our Savior and have a nativity scene anywhere you want. I also made the wooden signs in my kitchen which I free-handed (don't look up too close haha). These wood projects add a little rustic and customized touch to my home. I think we can all relate with how much we love our homes dressed in Christmas decor!

These boys are so cute and melt me every single day. They make my heart jump. I got some matching reindeer boxers for them from TJMaxx for $1.99. James loves Hudson and thinks he is the coolest so he has absolutely no problem copying everything he does. It is so precious.


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