Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Same Brand, Different Prices? How??

So comfy for all of Disneyland!

KID SECTION. Black Nike’s must be what all the cool kids are doing. Last Christmas, I got some aqua ones and quickly wanted the same shoe, but in black. I kept them the aqua ones anyway because my husband had surprised me with them and they were from where my brother worked at the time. So, it was finally time for some new shoes and I was set on black with a thicker sole because they are just so cute and go with everything. I went to the Nike outlet with my mom and couldn’t find the right ones… until I walked in the little girl’s aisle! And there they were, staring right at me! I asked the worker what size I would be because I’m a 6.5–7 and ended up being 5Y in girls. Best part about it they cost way less than adult shoes! Only $55! Can I get a whoop whoop? I've been getting  compliments on them all the time.

 I've found the shoes for less online (linked above), but to ensure the right size I recommend a trip to the outlets soon!

This happened to me once before with the cutest booties I own from Marshall’s! Staring right at me once again in the little girls section and only $16. You can use the same concept with designer shoes. So don’t pass up the kid shoe section, you just might be surprised!


Resource (and no, you don't have to have tiny feet necessarily)

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