Wednesday, January 4, 2017

40 lbs lighter

As you can see in my before pictures, I am embarrassed. My husband was taking these pictures of me and I knew I had wanted to change but seeing myself in the mirror knowing I was about to have a picture taken in just this, reality set in. My husband didn't react or anything, but I didn't want him to see me like this. He even told me I was perfect and didn't need to change. 

However, I didn't do this for him, I did this all for myself. That's why I think I was able to accomplish this goal. It was one of the hardest goals I had ever set, but I crushed it. It was hard and there were days I just wanted to give up and eat junk food, but I kept going because I knew I could change and that I would see results. I pictured myself feeling healthy and confident in cute clothes. That kept me going. Everyone deserves to feel good in their skin and feel confident no matter how you define beauty.

My weight has always fluctuated and has been a constant struggle. I was always a little chubbier than my friends. It took hard work and I've learned that all good things that are worth while, take hard work. I gained many benefits through this journey and learned a lot. Working out is something I crave and I crave eating healthy. A thing I thought I could never understand like the trainers on weight loss shows. Here are the materials that helped me through my journey:

  • Kayla Itsines BBG Program (time efficient workouts!!! 28 min or less!)
  • Body For Life (read this before my journey and it's what really motivated me to change!)
  • HIGH Fitness
  • Before & Afters of other people
  • Reading of others' journeys
  • My own progress photos every 4 weeks

You do not need expensive personal trainers, gym passes, pricey workout clothes, or crazy supplements to lose weight. All you need is your own self, sweat, water and good food. I work out mostly from home while my boys nap or play. I do cardio in the evenings when my husband is home or very early morning if I feel like waking up earlier. To change things up, I love going to HIGH Fitness classes in my area because there's something special about doing something positive (AND FUN) around a big group of people. I burn the most at HIGH and I lost a lot of weight with just HIGH and no diet changes after my first baby. What I eat now has only taken me further!! There are free classes and events so you can be more in the know if you follow @highfitnessemily on Instagram!

Both books and programs have taught me how to eat properly which is very important! I didn't grow up eating healthy nor knew how to. I was also definitely an emotional eater and I had to learn how to cope and not depend on food to help me feel better. Exercise is a much better replacement! So is crying sometimes!

Lots of Clean Recipes coming to you soon!