Monday, February 27, 2017


Let's be honest, we all do it at times. Sometimes, more often than other times or maybe too much!!

Even when we are home, which should be our refuge, we can't escape it sometimes! We look at our tiny screens and see cooler, prettier, trendier social media accounts. But this also happens in real life! Like how I used to compare my body to my tiny friends. Luckily, my mom taught me self-love. We might compare our perfectly working and healthy bodies to a photoshopped magazine model or an Instagram model that might not eat in order to be envied! Who knows! Sometimes it's genetics. But I look back at my high school self proud that I was maybe a little chubby, but at least I respected my body and took care of it! It worked perfectly and was healthy! And no drug entered it.

Sometimes we compare our life and how put together other people seem to have it. But that's not true! Maybe they worked really hard to get where they are and had to go through a lot of tough things to get there. Or they might be going through one of the hardest things and are broken inside. Some might be perfectionist and go out of their way to make their life seem extra perfect even with the perfect kids (which is impossible btw).

Words of comfort when you are feeling inadequate and stuck comparing yourself:

Am I Good Enough? Will I make it? - Elder J. Devn Cornish

Marjorie Hinckley's Advice for Mothers Who Feel Pressured to Be Perfect

Doctrine and Covenants 46


Lastly, ideas on how to get outta that comparison funk:

1. If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, accept it. "Come what may, and love it." (Joseph B. Wirthlin) Embrace the imperfections in your life, it makes you unique!

2. Write down your goals! There is some sort of magic that comes when you make a goal and write it down on a piece of paper. Put it somewhere you will see it daily!

3. MOST IMPORTANT: Remember that you have your own light to share. You can look at it as if we are all our own stars shining in the sky.

Don't think someone's shines brighter because that isn't true. We have different gifts and talents. Focus on your own light and be grateful you have it. Embrace it and "shine bright like a diamond!"

When you shine bright and are going the direction to want to be going, it's a lot easier to be happy for others! Sometimes we also need to be mindful and humble. I enjoy following along with some bloggers because they inspire me! Focus on that and on how you can inspire others in your OWN way. We are all doing our best. And I recommend always having courage and choosing to be kind. That's one of my favorite morals from Cinderella.

Lots of love!

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