Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Treat Inspo

Wow, so patient... how is he not demolishing these? jk. He had already had one with a fair share of frosting.

Life with boys!

You may have seen from my Instagram the cute thing Hudson said yesterday, but I'll quote it again. He ran down our yard and exclaimed, "It's a sunny a day to make cupcakes!" It sounded like something Poppy from Trolls would say. It makes me so happy that my boys are happy by the little things. He had been asking for cupcakes for 2 weeks especially when we were around the bakery at the grocery store! I love baking and cooking with him lately. He's so into it and my little assistant while James naps.

I had been thinking about a cute idea to make for Valentine's Day, but then I remembered these cupcakes I made one year with my friend. She always made the cutest cupcakes and other things so I asked her to teach me one night. I became obsessed! I love the simplicity of it with the sweetheart candy on it and it reminds me of Sprinkles cupcakes. I make these for every birthday and always get compliments on the frosting so I linked the recipe above. It's really yummy on chocolate cake!

Spread the love! Smile at a stranger today!


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