Wednesday, April 12, 2017

FruGAL Target Finds


Bow Ties: in store only ($3) but $5 online find

I was excited to find a few goods for Easter at Target. Then again, when is there never good finds at Target? Gets me every time. I have to share about the succulents! They came alone and are fake! They were only $2.99 and I needed to replace them in my dip bowls for display because my real ones have died when I go out of town and the shelves they hang out on aren't near a window!

They also have air plants for the same price, but do air plants make anyone else feel weird? 🙋🏽 Anyone? No? Oh ok.

The ties were in the dollar section for $3 each and I'm picky because I usually make my boys' bowties, but this year I didn't have to make a trip to the fabric store. You can never go wrong with chambray, I think they are so cute and don't look cheap! Best part!

K, so the rain boots! I normally ignore BOGO or types of sales like that because that usually causes you to spend more than you need to, but it was my birthday week and I was buying some heels I really wanted from my last post. I sold my old rain boots and was in search for some simple ones like these back when were on our Oregon trip last fall. With the BOGO, I got these for $12! I like them a lot and they will match everything. Most importantly, I don't have to risk getting any of my other shoes wet when it rains or slushes haha. 

The BOGO ends April 15th so if you need any shoes for you or your kiddos or lover, you may want to check it out! Target's shoes are on point this year, I don't usually get my shoes from there, but I do everything else! 😂😂

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