Monday, April 24, 2017

My favorite way to save:

Hey, thanks for stopping by! Today I'm sharing my favorite way to budget and save money. It's a super simple concept and maybe you've heard similar methods before, but I'm sharing because it's really helped us big time. My husband, Zach, had been suggesting this method for a while before we gave it a go, but I just kept procrastinating it.

Finally when I had brought it up to my mom she had told me that someone I respect very much had been using this exact method for years! And this person was someone I wanted to live my life like so I committed!

Saving Method:

Withdraw a weekly budget (i.e. $100) every Saturday morning and that's my grocery/food budget for the week. That's all!

In order to succeed at this for me and not starve is that I have to put some work into meal planning the week out. That's the key to success. The magic about this is that I'm not prone to going out to eat fast food like I had before this. When I had gone through my bank account and saw how much money we were spending on eating out and groceries ..... $$$$ was just a mess! I couldn't believe how much money felt wasted on junk or expensive food. Now when we go out to eat, it feels more like a treat. I also appreciate the food I buy more through this method. Using physical money has made me much more aware of my spending than swiping a card. We've saved more than we ever have this way.

Soo, what's your favorite way to save?? I want to know!

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