Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to make swimmers last more than one summer!

Swim season is finally here! We are so excited about it especially because my boys are little fishies like me and love the water. You can find us swimming at grandma's everyday! 

Here is how I am able to use my boys' swimmers for more than just one summer:

1. I buy a year/size bigger than their current size
2. Have them try them on and fold in the sides
3. Stitch around 4 times on both sides according to how much extra fold there was (snug fit)

**I'm not a pro sewer at all and just do loops around and withholds all the play!

Voila! The goal is to not have them slip off when they swim and walk around. Then the next year I just snip the stitches and it fits them perfectly. It worked perfect for Hudson last year, my little skinny guy. These early years are such fast growing ones and it's nice not having to purchase new swimmers every year since there's already plenty to buy each year (shoes, sandals, t-shirts). Also because they don't use them as often in the year which means they are still in great condition!

Hope everyone steps out and enjoys some sunshine today! ☀️☀️☀️

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