Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I got mah white pants on

Have any of you guys seen Jimmy Fallon's, "I got my white pants on" video with JLo? Haha you should look it up if you haven't. Anyway, I got a pair of these last summer and wanted to convert them into crops for my birthday and I made one mistake on a cut and made a vertical hole in them and I was like 😭 but then was like, oh yeah they were super cheap which is why I didn't mind cutting them in the first place. I converted them into shorts instead and got another pair for crops because what's $7 anyway and then I could wear them for a dressier occasion if needed. If I have a vision on something I want to wear, I'm pretty set on it. These are a classy find! They are cute and a little stretchy too! They also don't look cheap and come in black. I'd avoid the blue denim though because those can easily look cheap. Thanks for stopping by lovas.

Ps. My ruffle denim top is from TJMaxx!


  1. Where did you get those shoes?! I love them

    1. Thanks! They are Splendid brand and I got mine from Nordstrom😘