Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

 1. Blue Necklace || 2. Crystal Drop Earrings || 3. Flower Earrings || 4. Necklace || 5. Gem Earrings || 6. Tassel Earrings  || 7. Watercolor Rope Necklace || 8. Bracelet  || 9. Favorite bouquets from Costco or Trader Joe's (super affordable + beautiful) || 10. Polish 

Happy Wednesday! (I feel weird calling it hump day) Anyway! I made a little gift guide of ideas and inspiration for this Mother's Day! Sometimes I get stumped when it comes to gifts because you don't really want to be repetitive, but you want the person to like it! Also, I'm la fruGAL, and my brothers teased me that they would start a blog called "El Cheapo" 😂😭 but that doesn't mean I don't like to be generous. Being frugal allows me to be more generous for times like these. Especially to our mothers! The most important woman in our lives! So it's nice to give this one some thought! Here are some ideas I love for myself and my mother, but I wouldn't spoil her gift on here ;) These gifts can make it to yours or someone else's doorstep in time for Mother's Day!

PS. Hint to all the hubs out there!

I want to make a little tribute to my mom. She is the strongest person I know and has worked so hard for my brothers and I to give us a good life. She grew up in Mexico and came here so we could have opportunities, security, and all the blessings that come with living in this great country. Writing this down is filling my heart with more gratitude. Her laugh is contagious and she's always laughing or smiling about something. She knows how to cheer me up and loves my kiddos so much. She always spoiled my cousin's kids so I knew she was going to be the best grandma ever. She is always looking at the positive side of things and loves people. She is a hard worker and never stops moving. I get tired just watching her move nonstop. Her testimony is unwavering and I know she loves the Savior. I can see He is always watching over her! She is special to me and I'm glad that I get to be her daughter/best friend! I love you, Mom!

I'd also like to add that I have a passion for being a mommy. Becoming a mom was my dream always! I was always so excited to babysit as a 12 year old and always loved little kids and babies. Still love others'. Now I have my own and it's a dream come true, really! They light up my life and give me so much purpose. I'm never not baby hungry (I don't think, actually I take breaks when one of my boys is having a temper tantrum). My patient husband is so good to me about my love for babies, he gets a little jealous sometimes but he is my favorite! But that is why we didn't wait long to have a baby! One month in, still 2 years of school left and I expressed to Zach how much I wanted a baby. We prayed and agreed. Miscarried before Hudson, but he came soon after; the timing was perfect. TMI I'm never on birth control either, don't like that stuff for many reasons, one being I'm too hormonal. 😂😂 I learned a little more of how much my Heavenly Father loves me through having my own babies. It's hard to explain the amount of love you feel and to think our Heavenly Father loves each one of us more than we know! I'll leave you with that. 💗


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