Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Modest Swimmies for Less!

Hey gals! This week I've been focusing on swimsuits for mama aka myself! I'm heading down to California, where I'm from, so I've started browsing and browsing to find a couple swimsuits for this summer! This is kind of the process I go through. I almost went with a pricey one, but those aren't like my normally frugal ways. I try getting one that I really like and one that can lean more on the timeless side because every year the trends change so much. It's all about feeling comfortable and trying to find the most flattering. These were all some of my favorites. Usually I run to Target before Walmart for swimsuits. I've never bought one from Walmart, but ordered one this year (the top one)! 

I own the lace-up one from American Eagle in a purple and love it, it's a little big on me right now but I can wear it when I have another child I'm sure haha. I listed my all-time favorite flip flops! I think they are feminine, simple, go with everything, and affordable enough that I don't care if they get damaged! My most complimented sunnies are from AEO.

I'm still thinking about the Cupshe ones because they are so cheap (but I also get a little tired of my own if I see them everywhere). Patience is a virtue though when it comes to finding a good swimsuit! One year I bought a couple in August from Macy's! They were around these prices, suuper cute, and great quality! 

Here were two other places I browsed: Target Jr Section & Pink Desert

Hope everyone is having a blast with summer starting!

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