Tuesday, July 11, 2017

James - 2, Mommy - 0

That sweet face ☺️

James turned 2 on the 5th! It was such a fun week with 4th of July festivities tied in with his birthday. Lots of family and friend time which was so fun! I'm also glad to have recovered a bit too though. I wanted to share my inspiration and my money-saving party items for this sports party!

James loves all-things sports like his daddy so I knew I wanted to make that the theme. I took my Pinterest inspiration and simplified it because that's more my style and I wanted to make it as affordable as possible because he's turning 2 and I'm mostly the one who enjoys the cuteness. 

I searched, "sports themed birthday party" on Pinterest and came across 3 ideas that became my favorite inspo: here here & here (ball garland).

  •  The hot dog baskets were from the Dollar Tree! I searched different stores for paper ones and couldn't find any besides online, but it worked out better because I got 4 for $1 and it gave a pop of color!! I just used a napkin in them for food!
  • Clothespins and party food was all from Walmart! 
  • Straws, cups, turquoise popcorn containers were from Zurchers! All ranging around $2-3.
  • Garlands I made using a sewing machine. I cut-out the baseballs with white cardstock paper and drew stitches with a red marker (free$). The footballs were from Zurchers, but I sewed them to make them into a garland ($2-3)!
  • Zoom in and I spread star confetti for a patriotic touch!
All the decor was about $15!!

We BBQ'd hot dogs which makes for a very affordable bbq and had cupcakes. I use this buttercream frosting recipe here with a couple drops of blue food coloring. It was the funnest party we've had yet because it was so low-key and we did a water slide with a tarp. Can't believe my baby is 2!!


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