Wednesday, August 2, 2017

$17 Overall Dress & Honest Review

Hey Galz! I've been loving this overall dress I got for only $17! I spotted a couple high-end fashionistas wearing the same one so you know it's good! (Check out Ginger Parrish's Instagram story from last night, it comes in a camel color too). I got it from ROMWE and its now going for $12!!! So good timing for my readers!

HONEST REVIEW BECAUSE I THOUGHT THIS STORE WAS SKETCHY: I was afraid to put my payment info in because the clothes seem too good to be true. Really low prices for really cute pieces you can't find anywhere else. I bought it (sized up and glad I did ^^ it's a Medium and snug on my baby belly already). I even paid the $1 insurance in case my package never came because I was nervous. I got it in 2 weeks which I knew it would take a while from China. They must be sister companies with SHEIN because that's the name that was on the label of my package so they must be legit too. And I love my dress! I'd say the quality of this particular piece was close to a Forever21 feel. I bet depending on the fabric, the quality varies, but it was a good find for me!

You can mix & match with different tops and shoes. I also love that it's a good transitional piece for these next few months. Thanks for reading!!😘😘

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