Friday, August 4, 2017

Jackson Lake 2017

Blue & White Swimsuit (Also comes in Black) || Black Swimsuit || Jessakae Dress || My sister-in-law's dress also from JessaKae

We had so much fun at our annual Jackson Lake trip with Zach's family! They've been keeping this tradition going for 50 years! We boat on the lake and play in the water most of time while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Tetons! I remember my first year Zach wanted me to come while we were engaged, I hesitated because I wanted to hurry home and finalize our wedding details. He told me that we boat everyday and I was locked in convinced! So much fun! I'm sharing my swimsuit details because I've gotten asked where they are from! I love them and feel good in them. One of them is on sale now at a very good price compared to before! Hope everyone keeps enjoying their summa days! ☀️

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