Monday, September 11, 2017

$7 Chic Decor

Downeast Home & Clothing (in store) | Cute White Pillow (Target: in store) | H's $6.99 sweater (in-store)

I was shopping for a dress and didn't end up getting it, but in the entrance of Downeast Home I saw two baskets filled with these gray and soft navy fuzzy pillows with a sign that said, "Clearance, $9.99!" I couldn't stop staring at them because they are trendy and a good price. I had been looking for small things to spruce up my home because all my pillows were homemade when we moved in so it was time for a little update. I left the store, came back the next day because they were still in my mind and grabbed one and there was an additional 30% off!!! Which made it $7!!! I love it even more because of that! Thought I'd share! It's nice quality too. I think a couple of these would look so cute on a bed set!

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