Thursday, September 21, 2017

I'm wearing this everyday

I was on a hunt for this dress because I needed a maternity dress that was flattering, casual for running around, comfy and of course, cute. I had a visualized a simple striped dress just like this in mind so I was so happy when I found it and even happier when I tried it on! I am obsessed and may just order every color 😬😬😬 

 I got it 20% off and when I was deciding to order it throughout the week, I had seen 3 different sales within one week. There's one going on right now if you like their FB page. So if you decide to order, make sure to wait a day when there's a coupon code going on at the top!!

Also, I'm so happy to be home with my boys. I missed them all so much and my heart is still in Mexico City! So devastating to see the damage from the earthquake. One of my cousins and her kiddos had to move out due to damage. Praying, praying, praying.