Thursday, September 14, 2017

It's a...

BOY!!! And I am so happy about it! I would've never guessed it back when I was younger, but I had a dream two nights before my ultrasound that he was a boy. So I knew, but still was uncertain because when you have 2 boys everyone tends to guess this one will be different, but I had the feeling the whole time. I wasn't like 100% sure because I would've been surprised and excited with both! A girl would mean something totally different and a boy means, I really, truly am a BOY MOM! haha! On my ride from home from the ultrasound, I got emotional and started crying because I felt such peace, comfort and gratitude that I get to be this little baby's mom and that everything seemed healthy from the ultrasound. Life is delicate, I'm headed to Mexico this morning to see my grandma who isn't doing well, her birthday is October 1st and she will be 97. So I feel so lucky to be mom! It's the best job, sometimes trying, but most fun thing I've ever done!

Thank you to all those who truly support and love our family, I'm more grateful than you know!

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