Friday, October 20, 2017

Family Halloween Costumes That Cost A Dime

  1. Shark Attack - The shark costumes were cute and I found them at Target! I ordered the Lifeguard tee on Amazon and found my shorts & fanny pack at the DI. Zach had everything for the surfer costume, we just added some black eyeshadow and bandages for wounds! 
  2. Toddler Harry Potter - was mostly thanks to Walmart! I got a mens black long sleeve tee and cut to the collar, but stopped there so it would look like a robe. The scarf and badge were just cut out and hot glued on. I painted a wooden stick for the wand and the glasses were Harry Potter glasses from Zurcher's and were the best I found compared to online that year.
  3. Mickey - was also thanks for Walmart! Only time I had to buy baby girl tights for James haha. He loved wearing his Mickey hat so he was happy about it! I just hot glued the the white felt ovals to red shorts.
  4. Aladdin and Jasmine - I had the sweats and everything. I just hot glued a jewel from a cheap necklace I happened to have to aqua fabric and I think it was more in the hair do. For Zach I cute a purple tee from Walmart and had him wear gray sweats since all the whites were out. 
  5. Up Family Costume - This was around H's 1st birthday and I had fun making his walker out of PVC pipes. Little did I know how obsessed he'd become with balloons later on!
  6. Football Fam - Hudson was not even 2 weeks old and I sewed and used hot glue for his football costume from JoAnn Fabric. We had everything else except I borrowed a referee tee from the church basketball closet. 
I loooove Halloween! I love an excuse to dress up! I think it's so fun to dress up my boys too, but they are beginning to choose their own costumes and it's cute to see how happy they are plus I think they look cute in anything haha. What's your best Halloween Costume??

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