Sunday, October 29, 2017

The best time to wear a dress with pockets is all the time...🎶

Does anyone else know that episode of SpongeBob that has that song about the striped sweater? K probably not, but if you do I love you. Anyway! This dress is super simple with a little feminine detail and I got a lot of compliments wearing it!! It has two best parts about it, 1. it's COMFY and 2. IT HAS POCKETS! Enough said. What is it about dresses with pockets that melts my heart?!? I got it at a warehouse sale that I went to with my best friend (I knew going would be dangerous #eyerolls #notreally) and got it for around 20 buckaroos. I would wait for a holiday or keep a look out for sales on insta because this shop has them frequently. The booties I also just love because it was what I pictured in my mind. I'll link above, but they were just $15.99 ordering over phone from the Orange, California store because I wanted that color. You save more than $10 ordering from the store and they are less expensive than online fyi! Thanks for stopping by lovies!

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