Tuesday, October 3, 2017


We celebrated my Grandma's birthday on October 1st with some mole enchiladas and ice cream chocolate cake along with conference and a pretty drive up the canyon. I felt such peace that day and also peace throughout the week. She passed peacefully in her sleep last Tuesday morning. I woke up to the news with my hand over my mouth, but felt instant peace for her. I was happy for her. I thought of her hugging her son then I cried. My only thing was just wanting to hold her and be with her so when I thought of her I would cry, but I know it's because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we have peace and comfort. Without a doubt. I love her and know she is with me.

General Conference came at a perfect time for me and I wanted to share my testimony. Never has there been a more applicable conference for me. Starting with the women's session the week before, every talk was for me and very applicable to my life. Maybe that's telling you a little too much about myself😬😬😬 but oh well, sometimes I'm an open book! I know that through Christ, we can feel peace and extra strength. I'm meant to have peace in my life and the only way I can do it is through Christ. President Eyring said, "The way to optimism is through the Lord... pray with all the energy in your heart... and serve the Lord diligently." He will bear us up. Especially with all the heartbreaking devastations in the world. We can start by serving those close to us.

Another one I loved of a faithful leader who passed on Oct. 1st was, "How we live our religion is far more important than what we say about our religion," Robert D. Hales. It's soooo true! Here is the link for all the messages because every single talk was so good, LDS.org.

There were mentions of social media that I agree with. Social media can be a funny thing. You don't want people's dirty laundry, but you also don't want too perfect. I feel like you can't really win, but I have found that most people strive to be authentic and some also post to promote their brand/business. I hope to never appear too unrealistic, I don't think I do. I get anxiety with a pressure to be perfect, and my goal is to let things come naturally and embrace the beautiful (natural) moments in my life. I also pray to have peace about it. I would never want to make people jealous of me and then follow me because I have something unattainable. Maybe that won't make me as fast growing as some, but I know I don't like that feeling. Don't know if that makes sense, but I just hope we can all be in this together.

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