Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our Sunday Best 😂

Daylight savings has been nice on Sundays because we get up a little extra early to get ready for church. 9 am church is rough for me, I'm not really a morning person. Quick story, once my brother asked my dad why we have daylight savings and my dad's response while throwing his arm in the air was, "Because the government has nothing better to do!" If you knew him and us, you would die laughing. It's a constant inside joke we have.

This was the day after we picked Zach up from the airport on his return from his humanitarian trip to Ghana! We missed him so much, especially me. By day 6, I had a little cry because I just missed my best friend and partner I talk to about everything. But I was so happy to have him take this trip because it was special to all of us. I may do a separate blog post about it because it impacted me as well though I wasn't there (he was sponsored and we would have had to pay $10k for me to be there plus all the vaccinations and medicine while pregnant wasn't a good idea). Trust me, I searched flights when I got news he was going.

Anyway, I thought the boys looked so handsome kind of matching (often occurrence) and my handsome Zach is showcasing his tie souvenir, but this is the best we got with my wobbling around and the best energy I had after church! I'm at the end of my 29 weeks and I've been doing pretty well other than just having to slow it down a little. These guys sure are making time go speedy fast!

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