Monday, November 20, 2017

Velvet Hair Bow Tutorial for the Happy Holidays!

 Hey Gals! I thought this velvet hair bow would be so pretty to wear around the holidays so I decided to share a tutorial on it! Making it was fun & only cost me $0.75! I found this velvet fabric at Hobby Lobby! My local JoAnn Fabrics only carried black velvet ribbon that doesn't show so much on my hair, but would be pretty on a blonde! Hobby Lobby carried multiple colors of velvet ribbon for even easier bows, but I also found some velvet ribbon online here! Hope you love!

Below are easier options for a perfect velvet hair bow! I love these because it makes a simple ponytail on-the-go more fun!!

This one is superrrr easy! For the pink ribbon, I just tied a bow and adjusted it how I liked and hot glued it to an alligator clip! This method worked best for this size ribbon. The black ribbon, I just tied around my hair! So easy, right? Adds a little girly-ness! Thanks for stopping by!!


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